Learning Deep Learning

MTLDATA is thrilled to be launching the first of its kind, online reading group (powered by Hypothes.is).

Who is this for? The broader AI, deep learning and data science communities. We love what Stack Overflow has done to distill programming knowledge. To borrow from their vision with a MTLDATA twist:

By data scientists, for data scientists, with the ultimate intent of collectively increasing good data science knowledge in the world. No matter what programming language you use, better data science is our goal.

Where do we start? There is an increasing interest on the topic of deep learning, not just here in Montreal but globally. We will kick off this reading group with a focus on deep learning.

Getting Started

We’re excited to get the ball rolling with the first cohort of beta testers. All activities will be concentrated online using a combination of Hypothesis, Slack and the r/deeplearners subreddit.

If you’re a beginner or looking to review some of the core deep learning concepts, start with Christopher Olah’s excellent blog:

Start Here (Core Concepts)

If you’re already acquainted with the underlying deep learning concepts, start with the reading list here:

Start Here (Reading List)


Hypothes.is: Where the magic happens. If you are not familiar, Hypothesis is a fantastic tool (website & chrome extension) that makes it super easy to create open annotation (comments and highlights) on any document on the web (including PDFs!). Check out the Deep Learners Hypothesis Group for a feed of activity:

Deep Learners Hypothesis Group

MTLDATA #deep-learning slack channel: A place to answer any pressing questions and facilitate general deep learning discussion. Email (vaughn@mtldata.com) or message @vaughn on slack with any questions to get started. Click the button below to register or login:

DeepLearners Subreddit: Threaded discussions as well as an evolving list of community resources and projects:


Raising the Standard of Data Science

We realize there are many moving pieces here and will be working hard streamline the onboarding process as things start moving. If you have any questions, feedback or ideas please email deeplearners@mtldata.com.

Discendo discimus.